Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things I found today April 27, 2009

Today I found two flowers dancing in the sun ...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today I found my name

Today, atop the national portrait gallery, I found... A morning argument, solace in contemplation, a beautiful memory, and a lovely breakfast.

Today I found my old hairstyle.

Today I found a banana attacking a human!

Things I found today - April 23rd

Today I found peace in solicitude...

Old Findings II

Today I found, light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, ... pardon my french,I saw a dude with big balls (he wore the same get-up todays in a row, maybe he never went home)

Today I found my apple trying to copy my banana

Old Findings

Today I found a one legged pigeon

Today, I found a Funeral.... on Kingsway

Today ...I know I'm perverted but comon TimeOut London.... they even rounded off the tip of the tower!

Today I found... green tea du` du` anyone?

Today I found, The british Musem hosts a wide variety of interesting exhibits... ladies and gentlemen... i present to you, exhibit "A"

today I woke up, i decide to write a book co authored with Ayesha about the philosphoy of taking and giving shit, as we walked to the bus stop today... i found ayesha tooking a random mans hard back pack.

the other today ago (yesterday), I found a screwdriver stuck inside the bus seat.

Today i found a protest on Kingsway right outside holborn station, it was disappointingly small, and about British students complaining about high tuition fees saying that education is a right... from where i come from ... education is a privilege, just ask my friends who will have over 200,000 dollars of debt when they leave school...

Today, I found an endangered languages. it was under surveillance with a keypad lock on the door! ohhh

today i found another usb flash memory card. (funny story, I gave it to a friend who lives in a land far far away, but it turned out to belong to a closer friend not so far away...)

Today I found French...

Today I found the many uses of Japanese...

Today I found graffiti......

Kidnapper: " hey little girl you want some candy? "

Little girl: "Read the sign mista!"

Today I found flowers and magic water holes at Russel Square Park

Today I found a castle in the clouds.

Today I found a key... perhaps to someones heart? ...

Today I found a confused orange.

Today I found a father stealing an umbrealla from his baby daughter

Today I got confused, I thought you were supposed to twist inside of slide...

Today I found old people partying on Kingsway

Today... who knew stats could be so fun seX1 and seX2 anyone?

Today I found how to get lost on the east side

Today I found... Thats what she said!

today i found pretty flowers in a escape in london

Today I found a lovely flower

Today I found Cartwright gardens