Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WOW sorry I didnt realize how dead this blog was

I was meaning to move this to a tumblr but i guess ill keep it update two or w/e anyway lets start off slow as the gap is too huge to fill at this point:

Today I found:

On Columbus ave around 68th street is a interesting typical wine store upper west side. Today they were sampling an interesting new york wine 10% discount. The red wasn't so bad, but the white! well now that was interesting. For all you girlies this new york wine will suit your taste if you like things on the sweeter side. I forgot what grape they used but its "organically" grown for all you hippy lovers. I tend to like sweet whites that have some fruity punch to it that has a nice balance to the aciditiy. This one is definitely more on the interesting fruity/sweeter side. Can't remember the dryness to well but it was sure worth it for 10 bux only!

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